Kolmar Korea

Well Respected All Across the World

Kolmar Korea was founded in Wisconsin in 1921. It is an ODM/ OEM manufacturing company. 

It's the number 1 (one) ODM company in Korea, and number 2 (two) in the world.

  • Supplies about 500 cosmetic companies (Top brands in the U.S and Europe). 

  • It holds over 20,000 formulations, and holds about 30% of market share for cosmetics, medicine manufacturing and packaging. 

Kolmar Korea

Founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1921
Well Respected Around the Wrold



The 3rd Institute in the World to Produce Space Food

  • It was founded in February 1959 as Korea's first comprehensive science and technology research institute

  • 3000 Scientists, 1500 Ph.D.'s

  • Won the bid to export research reactor in Jordan in 2009

  • 3rd in the world to have the Proton Linear Accelerator (U.S, Japan)

  • Scheduled to build power plants in Saudi Arabia to solve their lack of water problems

  • KAERI is well respected all around the world. 

Kolmar B&H

Kolmar Beauty & Health

A joint venture of Kolmar Korea & KAERI to form Kolmar B&H.

It is a manufacturing company that produces health functional food, personal care products, and cosmetics.

How it Works

Kolmar Korea and KAERI joined together to form Kolmar B&H (Beauty & Health). 

Kolmar B&H manufactures the products and provides them to Atomy.


Atomy is a distribution center that distributes the products. 

One of the best ways to distribute products is to have people help you. 

This is where you & I come into the equation. And because of that, the Members of Atomy are compensated up to a total of 70% of revenue (maximum of $50k- 100k a month). 

Joint Venture